Wahlscheidt Trucktrans:
forwarding agent for local transport since 1972

It all started with one truck – to be more precise, with one of the legendary Hanomags. With this “vehicle fleet,” Siegfried Wahlscheidt founded the forwarding company headquartered in Langenfeld (Rhineland) in 1972. The trained businessman still manages it today, even if his son Patrick supports him actively by now. Wahlscheidt Trucktrans is and will remain a family-managed company. What has changed since the early 1970s: A few trucks have been added in the meantime.

Specialist for food, non-food and beverage supplies

Wahlscheidt Trucktrans has specialised in complete loads in local transport; with special focus on food, non-food and beverage supplies. Local transport, that means in this case: North Rhine-Westphalia as well as individual areas in the neighbouring federal states Rhineland-Palatinate, Lower Saxony and Hesse. The vehicle fleet of the company from Langenfeld is comprised of everything a modern forwarding agent should offer with regard to trucks – that means semi-trailer, tandem and tarpaulin road trains. For smaller transports there are speedy Sprinters available.

Safe, fast and reliable: Wahlscheidt Trucktrans

Wahlscheidt Trucktrans stands for on-time deliveries around the clock. In addition, Load Safety Certificates for the semi-trailers as well as Tarpaulin Safety Certificates for tarpaulin road trains and semi-trailers ensure that all goods are transported as safely as possible.

A proprietary 24-hour Service Team makes sure that any broken down trucks are put back into service quickly and the goods reach their destination quickly and reliably in such a case. Thanks to TomTom WEBFLEET the Wahlscheidt Service Team always knows where the corresponding vehicle is located at the moment. The fleet management system is installed in every truck. Thank goodness, the 24-hour service is only used very rarely. Because the transport agent’s own workshop continuously maintains the Wahlscheidt Fleet in top condition.

Our vehicle fleet

Our vehicle fleet includes models in the categories of semi-trailer, solo vehicles and many others...


Semi-trailers with cooling trailers

Mercedes Benz Actros

– Food deliveries
– 33 spaces/storing positions
– 450 PS


Semi-trailers with volume trailers

Mercedes Benz Actros

– Beverage procurement / delivery
– 40 spaces/storing positions
– 450 PS


Tandem trailers

Mercedes Benz Actros / Antos

– Food delivery
– 38 spaces/storing positions
– 410 PS


Articulated trains

Mercedes Benz Atego

– Non-Food delivery
– 36 spaces/storing positions
– 290 PS